Common Questions and Answers:

Q:  Do you rent jet skis, electric boats, kayaks, paddle boards, or dinghies?

A:  No, we rent sailing yachts with captains only, no bareboats.  Our boats do come equipped with kayaks and/or dinghies but we do not offer them without booking a yacht charter.

Q:  Can i bring my dog or cat along as they love the water?

A:  No.  While we love animals, we do not allow 4 legged companions aboard. They can not      verbalize how they feel when they get seasick!  In Addition,  when the boat heels (leans over) they tend to dig their claws into the teak and fiberglass decks damaging the surfaces.  Sorry.

Q :  How many people can we bring?

A:  6 people total.  Children of all ages, even human infants, counts according to the United      States Coast Guard regulations that restrict our passenger count to 6.

Q:   Can i visit  multiple the islands in a half day? A full day?

A:    The closest Channel Island is Anacapa,  which is 2 hours away. Island trips are minimum 1  day.  Santa Cruz Island is a minimum 2 day trip.  If you plan on venturing even father            (Santa  Rosa)  add a third day.

Q:    Can we bring our own food and alcohol?

A:    Yes.  We do provision for the trip and will work with your group on a menu (special diet      requirements are welcome), however you can always supplement with other items if you        like.

Q:    Can we bring Marijuana or other drugs?

A:    No.  While it may be legal in California,  it is illegal at sea aboard a charter boat which are    controlled by the United States’ Maritime laws.

Q:     Can you drop us at our camp site and pick us up on a later date?

A:      No.  Only the ferry company, Island Packers, can drop passengers ashore.  Even if we were allowed the cost would be prohibitive.

Q:     Can we go today?

A:      While not impossibility,  highly unlikely.  Our trips are planned out and require boat              preparation prior to each trip.  While an early morning call may work out with an                            afternoon half day trip,  typically we ask you give us at least a few days notice to prepare              for your adventure.

Q:     How much does it cost?

A:      Our prices are listed under the fleet tab of this website.